Collection in Austria

After expiry of your system for the collection of outstanding debts you send us (by mail, online-form, fax or post) a copy of the invoice incl. assignment.

We will confirm the receipt of the assignment via confirmation mail (or post, or fax).

All further steps towards the contribution of your outstanding debts are carried out by us.

The debtor will receive two or at most three debt collection letteres within a period of 20 days. If there is no reaction on our reminder, a collection by phone or our Austrian wide service is carried out. The conversation with the debtor is determining, but redoubtable and polite.

It is tried to build up a moral obligation feeling. Its income and assets are lifted up at the same time.
We inform you immediately about possible objections or partial payment requests.

Payments received are promptly or according to agreement transferred to you.

If all extrajudicial measures remain without success, we advise about the possibilities for legal prosecution by our partner lawyers. After your granting of a power of attorney the chambers assert the demand legally in your name.

We like to be at your disposal for questions and further information.

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